Monday, September 29, 2014

How to save money while grocery shopping?

Do you save money when you shop for grocery items?

I always had to plan out my grocery list and get ready coupons before I head out for the tri.

Here are my tips

How to earn EXTRA money when you are not posting new articles?

I don't write articles every day after I had hit the redeem button at Bubblews or Hubpages.

I really needed a break to slow down my pace and get some fresh air for more ideas.

Besides posting articles, I also learnt that I could earn EXTRA money by performing minial tasks while resting.

Here are the tips

Why are people trashing animals with cruelty?

Animal abusement or cruelty is on the rise.

It is a worldwide criminal done by commoners, kids, teens and adults.

Why are the people treating these fragile kittens, puppies, tortoises and other small animals with cruelty?

Read here for more information

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Do you follow other writers?

Yeah, I do follow other writers on Hubpages and Bubblews.

The community members at these sites are fabulous and awesome people with great advices.

I wish that Blogger also have such community.

Do you follow other writers too?

Guess what are the reasons I follow them?

How Long Have You Been Writing ?

Are you devoted to writing your own blogs or other revenue sharing web sites?

How long have you been writing?

Why makes you so devoted to your blog or that web site?

I had been writing at Bubblews for a year and Hubpages for 4 years now.

Why so devoted? Read here...

Time to lose that belly , Brother!!

I told my brother to lose weight. His pot belly is growing bigger than ever!

I thought he was 6 months pregnant !

You know, men do not get pregnant but his belly fits to be a Santa Claus.

ANyway, he has a severe insomnia problem and had to depend on sleeping pills to knock him out.

So, I told him to lose that belly fat or end up more health problems.

So what did he do? Read here

Tempra Chicken

Nyonya chicken are the best non-spicy chicken that my kids loved.

Tempra Chicken is the name of this dish, a combination of black soy sauce, oyster sauce and lime juice that makes a special twist of flavor between Chinese and Malay style.

It is a popular dish in Malacca, one of the state in Malaysia where the Portugese generations had reside in the past.

Read recipe here

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Why is an 8 Year old kid GUARDING the school bus door??

I just don't get it.

Why aren't the school bus drivers getting any assistant to help them to look after the school age kids in the bus?

They went to the extent of asking older kids to guard the bus door!

Isn't it dangerous for these kids?

Snacking My Crunchy Cashew Nut Cookies

I had just baked these cashew Nut Cookies today for tea time snacking.

I used raw cashew nuts instead of the roasted ones because they are cheaper..

By golly, these cookies taste similar to butter cookies!

Anyway, I just started baking the first batch.

Will be baking more for this coming Christmas.

Get recipe here

What topic of articles do you LIKE to READ??

I am a passionate baker and made at home chef.

I love to read Bubblews articles related to these issues.

There are tons of recipes out there at Googles and Bubblews.

Have you read them?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Oh Dear! I forgot My Password?


What do you do when you forgot your password to your account?


Yeah, I freaked out!

I mean, all my articles and money are there, locked inside Bubblews and I could ACTUALLY forgot my PASSWORD?????

See what I did

Super Easy Chocolate Cake

I was yearning to bake this cake for ages.

Super Easy Chocolate Cake , much easier then the original version where it needed 250g butter but this cake used 120g butter instead.

So less fats, less sugar and more springy texture.

I love the chocolate icing with cherries on top.

Get the recipe here

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Increased Earning 25cents

Yup, you read it right.

I have just earned 25 cents after I posted each of my Bubblews link at the 6 sharemedias.

I didn't know that it could helped me to gain additional views and increased my earnings until a fellow bubblers suggested this idea.

See here which sites I shared

How long did it take you to redeem your money?

It took me 18 days to redeem my 1st payment at Bubblews.

Compare to others, it was a pretty slow snail process while others could do it in 2 days..

Now, I am getting better, 8 days for each payment.

What about you?

Read my process here

How I Lost 15kg (33 lbs ) With Strict Diet

I guess some overweight people are having a serious problem with gettingoff the fats from their body part, especially the tummy and the legs.

I had a real BIG problem with my weight 60kg several years ago and had many health problems.

Anyway, I managed to stick to strict diet plans and shed off 15kg with persistent spirit.

How I did it? Read here for the strict diet plans

Cincalok Omelette

Care to try this unique scramble eggs?

It is famously known as Cincalok Omelette, a combination of Cincalok, a fermented shrimps, popular ingredient in Malaysia especially among the Nyonya families.

Try this omelette recipe.

You can buy the Cincalok in a bottle at any supermarket.


Cyberbully cases are on the rise, in Asian countries and Western countries.

We have read news that a Canadian teen committed suicide when her breast image was posted on Youtube, being ridiculed by friends, strangers and public.

Although she had first taken this as a joke among her good friends, it had unfortunately turn out to be a great harm towards her life.

What really happen?


Monday, September 22, 2014

The Longest Hotdog Bun I Ate- 2 Feet Long !!

Guess what?

This is the half eaten 2 feet hotdog bun.

At least 2 person could finish up this long hotdog.

It was a cheap sale at the bakery shop ( Jusco) .

A little spicy on the chilli sauce but the hotodg was pretty long and filling.

Guess the price?

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Earn Money At Blogger and Bubblews- Share A Link

Yup, don't look down at

It helps you to earn a few cents or maybe a few dollars soon.

I had just started to post short introduction of my Bubblews post here and attached the link.

I had just earned 12 cents per post.

At least better than Adsense!!

Read here

Indonesia Otak - Otak

Do you like otak-otak?

Fish? Prawns? Chicken?

How about Indonesian style otak-otak made from chicken meat.

This is great and unique.

Made several batches and freeze them if you can't finish them

Read recipe here

Show me your TATOO!!

Do you have  a tatoo?

It seems that young teens and adults are getting tatoo at an early age .
Not one but two or more tatoo on their bodies or faces.

I am sure you had seen men with tatoo all over their faces, right?

How many tatoos do you have?

Read here

Have you ever thought of COMMITTING SUICIDE??

People are crazy!

I just don't get it.

WHy would they take their lives over matters they can't solve on their own?

Would committing suicide solve everything?

Read here

Today's Breakfast: Vegetable Loaf

This is an awesome bread, trust me, no kidding!

It is a bread mixed with chopped vegetables of your liking and baked as normal bread.

Best part is, you don't have to add in too much, just moderate will do.

Love it

Recipe click here

My old cat INVITED her boyfriends for lunch!!

I can't believe my eyes!

My old cat , OUT, invited her white furry boyfriends for lunch and dinner!!!

(without informing me???)

Read here

Daddy's Little Girl

Is your daughter closer to you or her daddy?

My daughter used to be closed to me when she was young then but now, a grown up teen, she chums u with her dad most of the time.

What about your daughter?
Read here 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Brioche with kaya and cream

yummy breakfast for today, ready made brioche and fill up with kaya, whipping cream.
Goes well with coffee or tea

White Radish To Detoxify Liver

No need to depend on pills or drinks to detoxify liver anymore.

Now, i drink radish juice to cleanse my liver and feel refresh.

Why? Lots of benefits with this white radish

Read here

KFC Little Zinger Burger - RM 3

KFC is offering value treats for little snackers.
Instead of buying RM7.50 Zinger burger, just order Little ZInger for RM3, taste better than the original
Read here for more info


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