Saturday, December 27, 2014

Easy BBQ Dinner Recipes For Holidays

Christmas Day had just arrived and I was panicked stricken when I had no idea what to cook for Christmas dinner!

Luckily I found my old cook book that had saved my day!

I didn't want to mess up my kitchen nor wash up a sink of dirty pots and pans.

Hence, I chose BBQ dinner recipes which had resolved my problem.

On Christmas Day we had Garlic BBQ Beef with Mini Potatoes for 4 persons and trust me, it was a simple and delicious meal that we ever had.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Handmade Christmas Cards

I just made 3 sets of Christmas cards for my relatives today.

I didn't spend any money on this card.

Just recycle and reuse the old Christmas gift wrappers, old ribbons and color construction papers that I had from left over card projects.

Christmas Card is not hard to make at all. Just a few simple tricks to get it done in 20 minutes

Monday, December 1, 2014

7 Homemade Christmas Gifts For Friends

I made 7 homemade Christmas gifts for my friends last year and they were delighted to received them with open heart.

Most people buy store bought gifts , Christmas cards and food which are expensive during this festive season.

Hence, I wanted to save money and time, cut down the rushing time to chase after suitable gifts for friends.

Glad that these handmade Christmas gifts cost nothing to me.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Do you read new or old posts?

Do you read the latest posts of a writer's blog or the old posts?

Reading posts that interesting is one of my usual habit and passion.

I don't just read the latest and ignore the old post.

Then, those old post will turn into stale posts. It would be unfair, doesn't it?

Having a good life?

I do really, really envy my pet's life.

All she did was lay down on the floor, hiding under my hung out laundry and enjoying life with nothing else to do.

She doesn't catch any rodents, pests or birds.

All she did was meow for her breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Enjoyed her life like there is no tomorrow.

I wish I was a CAT !

Saving my article links

I always have the habit to save my articles links in ms Excel.

Do you keep your post links in your hard drive or external storage?

Some people find it unnecessary but it is a good habit to save them when you need those links to interlink in between your articles.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Kids story

I love kids stories. Better than adults' fiction stories.


Kids stories are full of moral understanding that teaches us both adults and kids to behave the right way in our daily lifestyle.

Do you often find yourself sandwiched in between an adult and a crying kid?

Here is one story to learn

Do you Stop Kids During A Quarrel?

Kids tend to quarrel when they argue over toys, games or gifts.

It is a norm to watch his squabble but how often do moms interfere their quarrel ?

Some moms will stop them and find out the truth or the reason for the quarrel.

However, there are moms who blame each other and get into a big fight instead!

Read here

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Like My Own Article

 I write for Bubblews and Hubpages.

Do you know that you can like your own articles?

I didn't know that.

I thought it was not allowed by the websites but realized when writers mentioned that they can't like their own post anymore.

Do you like your own posts?

How many languages can you speak?

Language is a way of communication, how you can speak with another person that can understand what you are saying.

Malaysia has multi-national citizens, Malay, Chinese,Indians, foreign countries people but majority are English spoken although Bahasa Malaysia is the important language.

Funny though, majority Chinese speak broken Bahasa Malaysia.

here are the languages i can speak

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Where to save my files?

I usually save my files and data in my laptop hardisk.

But now, it is risky just to rely on hardisk because it may kick the bucket anytime.

Hence, I use external storage to save them.

Where do you save your files?

Any suggestions?

read here

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

$3 for 3 posts per day

Writing online is a big task.

The important thing is to earn money.

Now my post values at $1 instead of $2 after the new Bubblews updates.

Quite a disappointment for me.

Anyway, I am glad that my post value didn't drop to a few cents !

Read here for more info

How to stop bullies

During my childhood days, there were 3-4 big bullies who had bullied my younger brother in the school bus.

Nobody dared to speak up or reason with them.

They were taller, big size and were darn naughty.

I just couldn't stand them bullying my brother. I had to do something and I did.

Guess what I did?

Punch them in the nose?

here is how I deal with them

Monday, November 10, 2014

Teach Him How To Fish

Here fishy, fishy fishy...

Wait, what about kids?

How do you teach your kids to fish?

Not about real fishing but moral.

Use the phrase, teach him how to fish, not fish for him.

If you keep fishing for him,. your child will never learn how to fish on his own. 

Received My Salary; $55

I am a blogger, Hp writer and Bubblews writer too.

To be honest, I earn my money online by writing.

This is my first time getting my Bubblews salary, $55 after waiting 66 days !!

Read here

Tuna Fried Rice

If you don't know how to cook well, fear not.

As long you can fry an egg, you can fry a plate of  Tuna Fried Rice without any problem.

Just grab a canned of tuna, brine or sunflower oil, some onions, garlic, chop them up.

Then, use overnight rice, better than freshly cooked rice because you need a "DRY" rice, not moist or wet.

Otherwise, your fried rice will be sticky.

Click recipe here

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Getting My First Salary From Bubblews

Bubblews had made some changes, HUGE changes that everybody is ranting about at this site.

Some didn't get paid as I was and some get paid less than 28 days.

Now, the new rule is International writers had to wait 60-90 days to get their money.

Whereas, UK, USA and Canadians get paid in 30 days.

Not fair?

Yeah, I managed to get my August payment just a few days ago, November !

Imagine, waited 66 days to get a $55 dollars!

here is what i did

Earning $1 per post at Bubblews, is it worth it?

Since the Bubblews recent constant updates, earning money at this site isn;t easy for anyone.

Some people earned 20 cents per post while other earned 30 cents but they do write 3-6 posts per day in order to reach $1.

I don't want my post to value that low, so I did lots of interacting that took me 7 hours to earned a dollar for a post.

Is it worth the effort?

Here is how I did. Tell me, am I WASTING MY TIME?

Friday, November 7, 2014

Children's Day, Too Much Good Stuff

Yes, too much good stuff on CHildren's Day doesn't mean good for kids.

My boy had to wake up early for school, 5am and ate lots of unhealthy food, ended up with more problems at home.

Read here

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I Made It Myself: Handmade Christmas Card

I love handmade cards, regardless of occasion.

Christmas cards are my favorite craft of the year because I get to send them to my relatives and ex-classmates.

Good thing they appreciate handmade crafts.

My dad even kept them for years. I was happy that he treasured my handmade cards.

At least my efforts were paid off!

Here are the Steps

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Are you eating your ONIONS?

You gotta eat those stinky onions because you will understand the benefits that will prolong your life span by reducing the high risk disease.

I cannot go without onions every day in my cooking session. I always add chopped onions in stir fry vegetables, meats, curries, soups ( in bulbs ) and deep fried onion rings which became a hit in my household.

Here are the Benefits

Monday, November 3, 2014

How to sell your old house fast

My old neighbor was worried that her old house was left vacant without any new buyers.

In fact, her old house had overgrown tall grass, worn off paints and old stuff left on the car orch which made the old house looked a little scary.

Later , I told her some upgrade tips which had helped her old house look better and new. She got some buyers and sold off in a week!

These are the tips that helped her

Sunday, November 2, 2014

How I encourage my kids to write

I love to write short notes and ideas that pops into my mind in more note pads.

Problem is, my kids don't because they are hooked onto electronic gadgets !

I believe that had forgotten how to hold a pen by now!

Anyway, I managed to motivate them by tricking them into holding crayons, pens, pencils with these tips:
Here are the tips

Basic First Aid Tips

I am an old fashion type of mom, always believed old wive tales on how to deal with First Aid using kitchen ingredients.

Actually, if you did it wrongly, it will cause the wound even deeper scar and takes a longer time to heal.

Bleeding, what do you do first?

a) clean with a cotton, apply Yellow Lotion and bandage with a First AId Band?

b) Scream for your mommy?

c) Wash the blood off under cold running water?

d) Di your bloody finger in ice cubes?

Get more info here

Friday, October 31, 2014

Childhood Memories- Monkey

What are your favorite childhood memories?

I remembered the first time I tore my gums when I was a young kid.

I was a total brat, love to climb the gates of our carporch.

My mom called me a monkey, indeed this monkey fell down and tore her gums from the gate sharp pointed spears.

It was a lesson to learn.

I have more memories Read here

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Writing a Bubblews Challenge

I love challenges, not physically not literally.

I love to write words challenges, which you can find them at Bubblews sites.

Today,m I participated the BUBBLEWS challenge where I have to find one word for each letter of the  BUBBLEWS word.

Start with B for Bed !!

Look here

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Workplace and Public Places should be Smoke Free !

Is your working place a smoke free environment?

What about public places such as shopping malls?

Here in Malaysia, nobody is allow to smoke inside restaurants and shopping malls but smokers are allowed to smoke outside the premises.

Same goes with the hospitals.

The good news is, work places such as offices, factories are implementing no smoking in or out the premises.

What do you think of that?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Do you write for MONEY??

Everyone writes for a reason or two

Some people love to write for the sake of hobbies or interest.

WHile majority write for the sake of MONEY, earning a side income or maybe writing could be a full-time job a freelancer.

Do you write for a hobby or money?

As for me, I am after MONEY !!

Hear my thoughts here

Are You An Organized Person?

I love this storage box.

They are pretty useful when I had to dump in different stuff in different category.

I learnt to organized my household things from my hubby.

He said it is easier to hunt for stuff that we need if everything is organized.

Are you an organized person or do you just dump anything on the table, your bedroom or living room?

Is it possible for you to look for the TV remote control in your living room?

Read here how I organized my stuff

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Super Salad: Baby Romaine With Pears and Avocado Salad

I am a salad lover if you might not know me.

I try to eat salad every day , just grab whatever I can find in the fridge unless I am out of stock of veggies and fruits.

Luckily today I went to Tesco and grabbed some discounted items, Baby Romaine and yellow pears.

What Is In Your Wallet Challenge

Ever heard what are the things rumbling in your wallet or purse?

Money, coins, picture of your kids or maybe credit cards??

What do you have in your wallet?

I took up this challenge and was surprised that there are people out there who put in chewing gum in their wallets.

Find about what I put in my wallet

Take a Challenge - Your name With Spice

Do you like to take up challenges?

This is an easy task.

All you have to do is list out the spice name under your name alphabets.

As for me, my name is Peachy, so P is for Poppy seeds.

Are you game for this challenge? Read mine challenge here

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pumpkin Fritters

I had made some Pumpkin Fritters today for snack time.

It was a sweet snack without any seasoning.

A great teatime snack for Halloween too.

I am sure kids will enjoy this simple snack, crispy and nutritious pumpkin.

See here for recipe

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Anchovy Quiche ( Ikan Bilis )

This is Anchovy Quiche, also known as Ikan Bilis Quiche.

A delicious hot pastry you can have in the morning for breakfast or maybe midnight snack.

I like the fried pounded anchovies mixed with chopped spinach and sprinkled with cheese that makes it extra tasty and healthy.

click here for recipe

Friday, October 17, 2014

5 Easy Salads To Spike You Up

Salads are wonderful recipes for meal starter or after a heavy meal.

These easy to digest vegetables and fruits salads are usually made raw but tasty with the salad dressings of Thousand Salad or a simple mayonnaise.

Here are some 5 easy salad recipes that you would go Hippy Hai O, if you are a salad fanatic like me.

click here for the recipes

Monday, October 13, 2014

9 Handmade Valentines Day Gifts

I love making handmade gifts for my family and friends.

These gift ideas are ideal for Valentines Day and Birthdays too.

I used recycle things from home, none of them are store bought.

here are the gifts idea

Garlic Gets Rid Of Geckos

I had tried everything that were listed in the website!

Lemon grass, garlic, pesticides, red chillies but none of them could get those house lizards / geckos out of my kitchen!

Yes, I left a bulb of garlic on the kitchen tabletop, behind the cabinets but I did a mistake.

I should have CHOPPED the garlic !!

This is how I did it

Do you have house lizards ( geckos ) or cicak in your house?

I have at least a whole generation of geckos in my house!

It is an old house.

Hence, you might expect pests such as lizards, flies, mosquitos, cockroaches and termites running through the door or may I say, ANYWHERE !

Geckos are the worst.

Eats up fresh food on the table and fiddle around breads if not tied up tightly.

What is your random word for today?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

4 Low Cholesterol Recipes

Kind of bored with the usual stir fry vegetables.

I had found this Low cholesterol recipe on this site, 4 of them, nutritious and easy to prepare.

Lots of vegetables, stir fry beef and chicken, either steamed or boiled.

Click here for recipe

Eggs with Minced Meat

This is my FAVORITE scrambled eggs recipe I had ever created; Eggs with Minced Meat.

You can add in minced pork, beef or chicken, whichever you prefer but I like chicken the best.

Just minced the chicken, add some seasoning and throw into the beaten eggs.

Makes a wonderful side dish for dinner and even had left overs for the next morning breakfast with bread !!

Click here for recipe

Getting To Know Me

Hi there!

Just incase you don't know who I am, here are short bio about me.

A down to Earth homemaker trying to make a pocket money thru writing articles.

I love taking photos, which you can find at Redgage

I write for Hubpages, my first site to pen down articles 4 years ago.

Now, I write for Bubblews, the one and only site that helps me to earn USD$55 per week!!

More about me

Indonesia Maids Problems- Whose Fault Is It?

Yeah, everyone knows there are problems between the employer, the agent and the maid.

The maid missed her family and friends, couldn't adapt to the new employer hhousehold

She cried, so who's fault is it?

The employer? The agent ? The maid?

Why are the victims of Cyber bully afraid of??

Somebody needs help.

Those people are the victims of Cyber bully on the Internet.

However, why are the victims afraid to tell the truth.

Why or who are they hiding from?

I found out the reasons behind the truth.

What are the topics do you write for your blog?

4 years ago, I started to write articles at Hubpages.
Then last year, I started to write for Bubblews.
Most of my articles are related to the topics I am interested in such as my hobbies, recipes and family matters.

What are the topics that you like to write?

Read here to know why I write those topics

Monday, October 6, 2014

Are you sleeping?

Are you sleeping?

My son is sleeping, on his own now.

He used to sleep with me and still doing so coz we don;'t have any extra rooms.

Guess I tricked him to sleep on his own?

See here


Friday, October 3, 2014

Talk Yourself Happy

Lots of people could not pacify themselves  with happy thoughts when they are down with problems or under stressful situations.

That is where suicide thoughts and negative impressions come into the weary minds that lead affected people with foolish actions.

Try to talk yourself with happy thoughts and positive points to calm yourself from doing anything wrong or stupid.

Read here for more

Crunchy Cornflake Cookies

I was going Ga-Ga over cookies lately.

Today, I tried out a quite different cookie for a change, Cornflake cookies, normal cookie dough rolled over crush cornflakes for the crunchy and crisp texture.

I guarantee you that you won't be eating cornflakes again after sinking your teeth into these delicious cookies.
Read recipe here

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Does your blog/articles have many likes?

Do you write articles on your blog or other websites?

How many likes do you receive per article?

I don't receive much at Hubpages, approimately 5 per day while at Bubblews, I could get 30 likes per article per day.

There are tips how you can achieve lots of likes per day but takes a lot of effort and patience to achieve it.

Read here

Can Money Make You Happy?

Everybody wants money.

Money is not enough for everyone.

No matter how much you earn, there isn't enough money for you to spend.

Does money bring you nay happiness?

Does it make you feel happier when  you see money on the roadside?

Read here

Monday, September 29, 2014

How to save money while grocery shopping?

Do you save money when you shop for grocery items?

I always had to plan out my grocery list and get ready coupons before I head out for the tri.

Here are my tips


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